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Anonymous said: Demand you to tell us all the headcannons you say you have but never post.




??? I’m guessing you’re referring to that one headcanon I’ve kinda sorta mentioned before. I have two headcanons that I haven’t shared with you guys yet, and one I’m saving for a comic. So I’ll share the other one with you.

In the series some of the earlier episodes would imply that Cartman didn’t care about Kyle. Especially Cherokee Hair Tampons. It wasn’t until a certain point that their relationship starts actually becoming more than casual. I’d say, the most prominent point of this is the Kenny Dies episode.


Where Kyle holds Cartman in his arms and cries with him. This is especially important to Cartman. Cartman’s not used to people letting him cry, for starters. And I mean, like, actual crying. Not that fake squealing cry he does. How he sounds when he actually cries is usually very quiet, and he usually fends it off.


I believe this is because he’s been given no comfort for his real crying. Thinking about Liane’s parenting. Whenever Eric starts crying, Liane immediately tries to stop it. She doesn’t try to fix it. She tries to stop it. As quickly as possible, giving Eric whatever he wants just so he’ll stop crying. 

I’m led to believe that Eric developed his materialism this way. Whenever Eric felt real pain and started to cry, Liane would offer him nothing but food or toys. She didn’t ever offer him what he actually needs. Comfort from another human being. And because of the way Eric acts, it’d be incredibly rare that anyone would bother to give him something like that. That he’d have any actual friends.

But in Kenny Dies, Kyle does offer him comfort. Real, actual comfort from another human being.

I feel like the most important thing here is that he doesn’t try to stop Cartman from crying. In his few words, Kyle basically lets Cartman know that it’s okay that he’s crying. And that Kyle knows what he’s feeling. He gives him emotional and physical comfort, holding him and letting him cry it out. 

Kyle didn’t try to make him stop. He didn’t lie to him and tell him it’d be okay. He just gave him comfort. He literally gave him a shoulder to cry on. Something Cartman’s probably never had before.

I think this is the point where Cartman started growing more fond of Kyle. When he started seeing Kyle as something different from everything else. 

I also think it’s cute how grateful he becomes after this point ~ u ~ in Trapper Keeper when Kyle saved his life, he had to be prodded to express gratitude. But now he’s just all like


That’s my headcanon on Kyman’s sort of “starting point.”

I would agree with you here, but I hold to a belief Cartman is either a sociopath or a psychopath. The difference between the two is that a socio: cannot feel empathy and a psycho: can feel it, but ignore it.

He did not show he gave a single shit about Kyle letting him cry on his shoulder, because he would not, and probably did not, employ the empathy to care or think about his feelings. His ulterior motive was to manipulate the tragedy of Kenny’s Death for his own gain.

The reason he had to be prodded to express his gratitude is because in Trapper Keeper he was too prideful. But in Le Petite Tourette he realized he fucked up, and was actively looking for a way to get out of it. He was glad that he didn’t embarrass himself on TV, not that Kyle saved him.

Oooh. Well, if that’s your belief, that’s what you believe. The cool thing about characters is that their intentions are up to people’s depiction and interpretation. So you’re not necessarily wrong.

But I kinda would like to point out that the difference between Sociopath and Psychopath is that Sociopaths are people who are extremely anti-social and fail to recognize the value of morals.

Psychopaths are egocentric people who are incapable of establishing deep, meaningful bonds with people. 

Going more into it, Sociopathy is a result of failure to be nurtured, while Psychopathy is agreed on being something that you receive genetically.

Judging from how Cartman used to be, Cartman’s more likely to be a sociopath, and Kyle even calls him that in Here Comes the Neighborhood, and The Death of Eric Cartman. So if anything, he more leans towards being a sociopath.

In How to Eat with Your Butt we learn that Cartman canonically isn’t completely devoid of morality. Kyle points this out himself. 

Even still, if that’s how you see it, that makes sense. It’s a fictional character, so I can’t say you’re wrong. 

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